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Daily Deviation #6

Thu Feb 23, 2017, 6:51 AM

Guys Guys Guys...

I want you to know that I'm so grateful for
getting such awesome watchers +.  And Honestly you guys are my inspiration...

I'm so happy I don't know even were to start honestly...
People of the world has been such a awesome journey, and to be frank I think its only at the beginning stages..

Wow you's guys

I'm totally not Northern! But thank you.. thank you for thinking my work was worthy for you all's time. I put alot of emotion in all my pieces and I feel like whenever I get a Daily Deviations.. I need to express and tell you all that I'm so grateful...

I was going to do a journal Sunday which is when I normal do it but I felt that it was necessary for me to do one now considering the great honor I've been blessed with.

Special Thanks

Thank you GeorgeXVII and
I'm speechless on how truly grateful I am....
Just truly thank you.

The Messenger by EclipxPhotography
Given 2017-02-23

The Pure Blood by EclipxPhotography The Mother Fox by EclipxPhotography Mediterranean Princess by EclipxPhotography
  Soft Breeze by EclipxPhotography Autumn Innocence by EclipxPhotography

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So I know its been some time...

Sat Dec 10, 2016, 12:01 PM

Here I am!

Sorry for the in and out submissions as well as zero communication with you all!
I have returned and I want to say that I here to stay!
I am so grateful to all that were patiently waiting my return and I apologize for the wait!
I'm back in full force with hundreds of new ideas!
So get ready you guys! Your minds are gonna be blown!

So What's been happenin'???

Well honestly I have to admit that school has been very demanding this semester...
I will not be doing this many heavy loaded classes together again...
They are both design classes one RIGHT AFTER ANOTHER!
And I'm sooo grateful that they are almost over...
I have partially myself to blame.. I like to be an overachiever and present the greatest work possible...
but now that we are only two days left I must also say I a bit sad..
All this time I have complained about how difficult the classes were but not once did I think how sad I was going to be to say goodbye to all the friends I made there...
So honestly like ever semester its sad just not sad in the same way...
I'm thinking next semester doing some classes that I enjoy...

The Flip side:

Okay so I learned a lot from both classes even though I was miserable doing the work...
I learned to paint and I learned a lot more about complementary colors!
Color is much more important than I had realized as I had taken it for granted...
So this had sparked a few new idea's I wished to share!
2017 is gonna be the year of new developments!
I haven't decided if this will be an extension of "People of The World" or if this is a whole new thing...
In saying that I think "People of The World" will be sticking around for probably the rest of my life...
But as for the new idea.
It will be A Fairy Tale series...
And It will be much larger scales then the shots I've posted so get ready!
I will be building my own props and maybe even painting backgrounds depending on my time constraints..
I'm very excited and I hope you all are as well!

For the Current thing at hand:

So Let me just take the time to tell you I've made another extension to "People of The World"
but in more of a 2D way. haha! I have figured alot of stuff out about myself and have come out of this depression quiet a bit! I'm going to push out of my box! And give you and myself so much more to look at than just a few unique things on a persons face! To be honest it scares me to do this... but excites all at the same time! So please cheer me on and give me all the confidence you can give... I will need ever bit of it!


  The Unabashed by EclipxPhotography Purgatory by EclipxPhotography The Helios by EclipxPhotography


The Transition by EclipxPhotography The Shameless by EclipxPhotography The Favorite by EclipxPhotography


Elegant Rose by EclipxPhotography Longing Beauty by EclipxPhotography Storms Of Deception by EclipxPhotography

So For the gift that keeps on giving!

Tell the truth by RickB500
Midsummer by TEMPERATE-SAGE Dress at Dawn by TEMPERATE-SAGE You'll be mine. by soapybubbles3

Blue eyez too by fionafoto
Make Up cover by ann-ko beauty by ann-ko indian summer by carpeemorteem Alice in Twilightland by bitterev

I don't know where, but she sends me there by surabhiguptaphotoart
Red soul by thefirebomb Alisa by Daria Zaytseva by daria-zaytseva Fashion Is Image 3 by hakanphotography Cold Fire by Ophelia-Overdose

Destiny by clair0bscur
Amelia by Tomasz-Mro *** by DenisGoncharov Frozen Hearts by EclipxPhotography

Lavender nocturne by AnitaAnti
Time Keeper by bluessence Talon by longai Moon by hachiko Fashion Illistration 4 by pepe7787 The Winter by EclipxPhotography

Bettina and Dylan by IMustBeDead
...287... by MozolewskiMichal ...337... by MozolewskiMichal  lumen by loish Pastels by Vinyl-Disco Capture the Sky by yuumei

Lime by Tomasz-Mro
The Heart of the Jungle - Daily Exercise by mohn-blume sapphire by loishFlood by escume Declan by Charlie-Bowater  blossom by loish

- by nairafee
... by aqueous-transmission playful Snow Harpy by sakimichan Cloud Seven by becwinnel Iti by DavidBenoliel

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Sun Aug 28, 2016, 1:52 PM

Greetings From The Other Side

Hey guys! I know it has been far too long and I feel like everytime I write one of these things I'm apologizing for such a extreme delay on responding, journaling, and posting new works. So I will not apologize this time and just try to keep to what I say. Okay! Okay.

Awe you guys!

You all are awesome!
Thank you for all the amazing birthday wishes!
I read all of them and you guys are the best!
Hopefully I can find some time to respond to everyone... eventually..
But I thought if not at least they can see I wanted to be sure to thank them! It really does mean alot.
And I will say I feel like I've grown so much.. in this last year then any other. I also wanted to say that I couldn't have done this without you!

My World

I'll be honest and say that...
1. I'm a graphic designer assist which means I do photoshop work alot.. I pretty much do alot of jobs the designer herself doesn't want to do which y'know is a blessing. Until your photoshop work gets blown up 10 ft there's a certain amount of pressure, fear and worry you have. (Which the photography is not mine but I created something out of not much which is the norm for me!)

2. I just started college again and I will say this..
No photography classes this go around and I'm more stressed out that ever before. Always on the edge of having a melt down is not fun... especially since I fight with a Anxiety Complex...

3. My boyfriend suffers from procrastination.. lol which ultimately means after waiting around to do what he is supposed to do I have yell at him to get things done or he doesn't tell me that he has something to do until its 2 days from due. This wouldn't be a problem but he's attending a university and he can't afford to mess up.. so.. there's that.

-sigh- even with all this happening I'm still blessed.. to have a house and a family who loves as well as supports my visions and then I have you guys! Who are amazing thank you all!

I'm Also Excited To Share!

I love photography so much and I will continue to always do it because it is my first love but there's another thing I love too!
No not that try again.
Try one more time..
Want the answer?
I'm getting a tablet for illustrating Because I love drawing... So much.. It's like my second talent.. If you ever follow my instagram you'll see alot of drawing and photography!
This would also be for my photography so I can pro-fect it as much as possible!

And Now For The Beauties

Timeless by SpokeninRed
It Took So Long Just to Feel All Right by magic-spelldust IMG 9057b by akModel <da:thumb id="300369150"/>
... by SnezhanaMorozova
Playful Sun by Grimmsy we are by MartaSyrko Amsterdam by Roman89
just breathe by MartaSyrkoRings by DenisGoncharov The Norns of fate by LucreciaMortishia in my own shadow by Rinksy
... by absentii
 The Nightingale by AshtrayheartRomina arent we all lost stars by bwaworga perfect day to fly. by sollenafotografie
Nati by EmilySoto
Nati by EmilySoto Streets of Florence by geograpcics The Journey Begins by LidiaVives

Places I Wish to be...
Florence 3 by DostorJ Florence 9 by DostorJ
Rome by cloe-patra Rome by StefanPrech ...Piazza Navona...Rome by erhansasmaz Colosseum Rome, Arena by JeRoenMurre  Gondola Ride by aime9653 Las Vegas Venice by Artsee1
Autumn in Florence by Amersill paris by garrit paris by taliah-phoenix 
Milan by MEEMO-88 Milan II by MEEMO-88 Milan at sunset. ... by light-from-Emirates Milan - Noon 3 by nervo86 Venice by Piroshki-Photography Venice VI by Jez92
<da:thumb id="63727594"/> Genoa - P.zza Ferrari by farhan169 Genoa by Night 3 BW by AzeemElvehir
pillowfight a bologna by hanselbender ...Basilica of San Domenico... by erhansasmaz  Perugia by micorl burnin' town by st2wok 

They all reside in the beauty country Italy..
I keep the people who had the earthquake there in my prayers!

Eagle of Florence by TheMinttu

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So I Reviewed....

Thu Jun 2, 2016, 11:28 PM

Work 2011
Few know about when I started out for the very first time! I was a "okay" photographer but I had alot of visions of what I was trying to execute.. And when I started out I had this little snap shot camera.:
The lovers ending kiss by XxMissRomancexX Gothic Tree by XxMissRomancexX According to my calc... by XxMissRomancexX Remember. by XxMissRomancexX Colsplay... by XxMissRomancexX Hunting 2 by XxMissRomancexX

Work 2012
Ha! when I finally got a semi step out from were I was camera wise! The good'ol Nikon D40!
I was grateful to get a dslr for the first time but... as literal months went by I could tell I had grown completely out of the camera. And I remember being so frustrated with its beneath average shots.. I had to do so much editing to make these photo's look more like something than what they were... this was also the time I discovered I wanted to be a fashion photographer!:
S n o w  W h i t e by EclipxPhotography P r i n c e s s O f T h e S e a by EclipxPhotography E v e r y t h i n g  W a s  B e a u t i f u l by EclipxPhotography L o n e l y  L o v e r by EclipxPhotography D a r k  D e s i r e s by EclipxPhotography M a g i c by EclipxPhotography

Work 2013
So I again saved up and bought a huge step forward "Pentax k5!"
At first I wasn't sure I could tell the difference between each camera's clarity until I sat them side by side.. which then it became extremely apparent that the K5 took the cake!
This was also the year I started trying to do photo series with the first being: "The Sisterhood of Seasons" which was a blast to do and was very well received in the DA community! hints getting into a magazine that year!:
Autumn Innocence by EclipxPhotography R u b y  S e a by EclipxPhotography Alone by EclipxPhotography Ruby by EclipxPhotography Beautifully Broken by EclipxPhotography  Soft Summer by EclipxPhotography

Work 2014
So this was the year I discovered "umbrella lights!" So I started using them much more frequently! hints the images appearing a bit more clear this go around. The theme for that year was "Queens of Symbolism." This was also the first year I started College, PHT 101! To be honest this is were you can start seeing alot of jumps in improvement! :
Longing Beauty by EclipxPhotography Vintage Princess by EclipxPhotography Violet Gypsy by EclipxPhotography
  Queen of Origins by EclipxPhotography The Lost Castle by EclipxPhotography Gypsy Oasis by EclipxPhotography

Work 2015:
Studio lighting <3 I loved that class and
wouldn't even mind taking it again just to be in the amazing environment again!
This is when I realized that I belonged in a studio.. that I wanted to be part of that world...
I started trying to open my mind to the thought that maybe make up/clothes is what I wanted to do photos of.. Everyone kept telling me "You want to be a Glamor photographer!" which was kinda true but not completely because I love the art of a expressive photo too! The saddest part was when Studio lighting was over on the last day and I just balled my eyes out because I loved that class so much...:
The Shielded by EclipxPhotography Huntress of Dark Forest by EclipxPhotography When I Remember by EclipxPhotography
The Shameless by EclipxPhotography One with them by EclipxPhotography The Loner by EclipxPhotography

Work 2016
I completed my last photography class and
it was the hardest thing I had ever faced in so many ways..
The difficult part of it was the fact I struggled with grasping what he truly wanted..
And I began to really hone in on my strength which was portraiture..
I got into Strobes after studio lighting and bought myself one!
Which might I add... BEST PURCHASE EVER! It gives me the clearest images by far!:
The Observer by EclipxPhotography The Ivory by EclipxPhotography The Virtuous by EclipxPhotography
The Frost by EclipxPhotography The Helios by EclipxPhotography The Consumed by EclipxPhotography

What I guess I'm trying to show people is this...: When I first started I thought i could never be as good as some of the greats are.. which to this day I'm not all the way there but I'm certain getting close!
And what I have learned in school are pretty simple things:
Its a pain to try to make that into something rather
than just paying more and having to do less... trust me I WOULD KNOW THAT
**cough cough** 2011 **cough cough* 2012!
2. Although getting expensive photography equipment is what we would rather do (As I dream of a Canon 5d mark 3.. -sigh- such a beautiful piece of equipment) You don't have to when it comes to accessories (Unless a box for going underwater with camera.. please invest on that) I paid for my strobe 210 dollars.. roughly. and I can say I have had so many successes with it that its paid for itself..
3. Be who you are! And don't try to change yourself to mimic other artist fine work.. take aspects you like about it and make it into you own..

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Weekly Fav 45

Sun Mar 13, 2016, 2:15 PM

   It Came to my Attention!

Its been a while since I gave you guys a
"Hey whats upp!?" or "How's life going for you?"
Feel free to post what's going on with you!
I'm still very much alive thanks!

College Life

So I'm taking Drawing 1 and Advanced PHT
Both very demanding classes... but in different ways...

Drawing is phenomenal, before I was ever a photographer I was a artist with a pencil and paper..
I would sketch these Idea's I had in my mind... And they would always be conceptual...
And that actually led me to photography!
Which I have posted some on my Instagram
and Facebook
And I have the most patient and kindest teacher in the world...
Although I have to be honest sometimes I wonder what's going
through that mans head because when he's not teaching
he almost has this silent judging that he does... I can't explain it... haha
Makes me a bit paranoid..

NOW on to the other class... Photography...
Now you all are aware that I love and adore photography.. I have serious respect for it...
And I have respect for my teacher which is a great guy don't get me wrong...
and I think he really appreciates me and that says a lot for him...
But when it comes to my work.. ugh..
How do I say this.? It almost is like he can't separate his personal
opinion with his constructive criticism... And Let me tell you... I do have a temper..
I have learned over the course of many years to just not say
anything when I get mad and wait until I can be logical and not so emotional.
Which for the most part I can do but even
after spending hours of trying to rationalize his responses...
I can't seem to make it constructive...
There's nothing I take away from when he speaks to
me that makes me feel like I'm learning something...

But Like I said.. I love the guy as a peer and a person to talk to about art..
Just not my art...? I swear that makes me sound so one
sided but I'm telling you that's not what I'm trying to be... I don't know...

I Must Confess..

Lately (Since I started advanced photography)
I have found it very hard to be motivated to do anything
because of certain person who makes me feel like no matter what I do its not good...
Haha.. Funny enough though I find that creative spark slowly starting to turn back on..
So yeah!

But let me say even if its slow going the "Star Wars" Subseries is still very much a thing!
So be patient I will post more.
The Frost by EclipxPhotography The Awakening by EclipxPhotography

What I have been into with you guys!

You all are phenomenal artist in your own way and
its such an honor that you pick me so I'm gonna start
the feature off with some art I found touching

Day of the Dead by M3LL0N-3M 000 by narva Paradigm by imorawetz <da:thumb id="573020001"/> forgotten V. by mariasvarbova
Patrycja by hellwoman The beauty of a woman by artistamroashry Leanne Marshall by EmilySoto unveiled. by cristina-otero
pretender by Enaston <da:thumb id="562406183"/>
Hold Your Words by Tomasz-Mro

<da:thumb id="567293272"/> John by gutyerrez <da:thumb id="444046926"/> Joana by aufzehengehen The Sleep Of The Trees by Thinking-Silence
Sitting there alone by Silvermoonswan Merry Christmas! by tobeforgiven we are by MartaSyrko <da:thumb id="566676433"/>
 <da:thumb id="542035992"/> Iorneste by z-a-i-n-a .... by SnezhanaMorozova
    sima by MartaSyrko
Burn by jsek

Magical forest by MariaBabintseva Bleed by KayleighJune  yellow by Dimrosta87  Yellow by madspartan013 Lilas . II by Somebody--else

  Erica by KayleighJune Autumn-Reupload by ValentinaKallias Cornfield by Gcylcs Tea? by zuzja
Unique beauty by Algalad Camden Sunset by LDaumPhotography Golden Seeds by JoniNiemela
Future by KayleighJune
Aurora Dawn | Wanderlust by DarkStarPhotoUK

Golden Leaves by anaispopy

Mature Content

Fiery by FlexDreams
 Marcus by Gerry-And-Me Every rose by J-u-d-a-s Ice that burns 1 by iomaSaty Islands by alicexz
Dance of flower by Isa-Wyrd good morning auenland by christian-richter spring portrait by DenisGoncharov Forged Autumn Spirit by MoofyModel
 Lisa by sollenafotografie Canal City by rykyShari by sollenafotografie
Witches by BirdSophieBlack Run by humannotdancer
... by absentii

into the forgotten by M3LL0N-3M
  The Brush of Black Wings by LouisaGallie The thirst by fabriziotedde TENGU III by BeccyBex Marshall Lee by sscindyss A darkling romance by iNeedChemicalX
 The Pure Blood by EclipxPhotography  Cerasinus by MeganLeeRetouching Ariel found Headphones by sakimichan Halloween look #1 - Bloody Kisses by KCMussman
Master of the Knights of Ren by TJJones96 HUman Space V by mariasvarbova Black Magic by luciekout
The Passing of Evenstar by RaphaelleM -Lucid dreaming- by Janek-Sedlar
I Painted the Roses Red by VelvetRedBullet

.Multicolor. by Psychosomaticc
Merry Go Around V by Toeps <da:thumb id="562401438"/> Star Wars: Kylo ren and Rey Night Out by LittleChmura *** by DenisGoncharov Amelia by Tomasz-Mro
Northern Lights by TanyaShatseva A Smaller Rainbow by LashelleValentine Uninterrupted by defectivebarbie Experimental by anaispopy
Alone Among the Lights (Tutorial Video linked) by yuumei sunbeam by Ceecore Rainbow lady by SophiaViolette
the dreamer by violetkitty92 You can only chase a butterfly for so long by VelvetRedBullet
Princess by wlop

Hidden by IMustBeDead
A blue dream captured by arefin03 Big Bang!! by nimitnigam Dotty Neon by IMustBeDead birdcage by grinzekatze Air dancers by arefin03
Retribution by sakimichan  Snowy Night by Obsessed-by Indulgence by bloodify Souvenir by TonyLeBastard
Keep me safe by ericadalmaso Amy by aufzehengehen Sheldrache by z-a-i-n-a
Cheshire cat eye by ryky

Mature Content

Lunar jellyfish by Kate-FoX

Siren by ValentinaKallias

Bird by MariannaInsomnia
  Clare by EmilySoto  Tea Party by AnitaAnti Submerge by IMustBeDead The weight of your words by Julie-de-Waroquier Axent Wear Update by yuumei
Underwater~ by GUWEIZ Fearless Black by M3LL0N-3M Fallen Fire by NanoMortis
Sunday Mornings by EmilySoto to keep warm by EvsuVdo Equus Ferus V by LidiaVives
Eternity by ericadalmaso
Spider by LidiaVives

... by SnezhanaMorozova
Fleeting moment by november-storm white portrait by oprisco Say hi to the Death by MADmoiselleMeli trees were dancing by Linlith Picnic Photography by DeziDesire
 daisy dune by vampire-zombie  The lady and the owl by Fellow-World  Our Vintage Memories by MarieAngelcakes ... by SnezhanaMorozova
Anika by EmilySoto   Poison Ivy Sideshow Art by Artgerm
Let It Be  by JosefinaPhotography The weight of groans by Julie-de-Waroquier
Ophelia by Voodica

My Instagram user name: Eclipxphotography
And you'll see some of my new drawings

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Sorry guys.

Mon Jan 18, 2016, 9:40 AM

When I saw!

When I realized I hadn't wrote a journal up here since Nov 10th
Which I'm not obviously haha =)

So the college life...

So if your not on my facebook then you haven't heard
I got a 100 on my 4th port and a 95 on my last port.
Which left me with a 95 as my final grade..

And on my last day... of class...
I actually bawled my eyes out in front of my teacher.
It was like when I saw people start to leave I started grasping the fact that
this was the last class I might have with him and
deff the last time I would see some of these people...
At first when I started to approach his desk one of my classmates asked if I was crying
(Which everyone knows that's the worst thing in the world when you trying to hold it together... some one asking if you are crying..)
Once that question had been asked I broke down and my teacher was comforting
I knew he was exactly sure why I was crying til I told him,
"This class was the reason I joined college, I wanted to blow you away with my work,
and I loved this class so much... I just didn't want it to end.."
I also went on to saying, "You've been the best teacher I have ever had..
and you've made me want to try to give you the best I could give...
You've made me want to try..."
I know this all sounds stupid but.. I really loved the class..
I loved it so much that when I found out I would be taking studio 2 with him again
I was so happy..

Being part of his class was the most wonderful
experience in the educational environment for me...
It was almost like have creative therapy..

As now I continue to my new schedule...
I have that other teacher again..
And again don't get me wrong He's great at taking pictures... but not so great on communication...

My new project is on Myth's and Memories/dreams
I'm doing it on Star Wars - Myth!
I've already started it because lets face it I'm crazy about that franchise...
He told us not to work on it already and all I could think was.... "Haha... Okay... Let me tell the sun to not come up.. why? because I said so..." (I started it but I'm not gonna tell him... I can't barely hold it together on how exciting this is for me!)
I've already done parts of the fight scenes between Rey and Kylo ren (I'm a Reylo Shipper...)
I was lucky because It started to snow and we had woods around where I live so.. Yay!

So in the joyous occasion I will be featuring some star wars art!
The Force is calling to you... by vashperado

The Ways of The Force by Sketchy-raptor

R-vs-KR by Raikoh-illust

Kylo Ren by tomasanime

Kylo Ren by TJJones96

reylo by Fishik

Reylo in the Woods by elanorchuah

I love this one alot!!

Star Wars: Reylo III by LittleChmura

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Taking a moment

Tue Nov 10, 2015, 7:02 AM

Hey Guys =)

I'm sorry I haven't been making as many "Weekly Fav" Journals
I wanted to actually take a moment from you guys to tell you how wonderful you all truly are to me..
You guys are really amazing, and have given me a great gift of your time whether that be in relation to you writing a comment, Liking a photo, reading my descriptions or even just taking the time to look through my art..
It's just amazing..
I know... I know I say this a lot but I promise this is truly just how I feel..
I'm just incredibly grateful for having you guys and you all believe in me.. believe it or not you all are pretty much one of my biggest drive to keep me going.

So thank you, you all are the best!

On another note

So I'm not gonna use names with any one particular because I don't want to throw them under the bridge like that.
So it started out that we were renting the studio for a project in class and it was me and two other lady's. Now normally this would be no problem BUT! Me having the personality that I want to help and constantly love to have creative brainstorming which is awesome!
But the problem lied not in me but with one of the ladies that I realize was using all the idea's I was making taking photo's of them and then not giving me a chance to take photo's of MY CREATIONS!
And I'm not an aggressive person so at first I didn't say anything and thought, "Okay well I mean I'm helping her so that's fine..." but this happened multiple times and by an hour and 30 mins in I was getting so angry that my ears were hot...
I finally had to tell them that I had to leave because of an emergency... Which there was.. haha I was ready to loose it if I stayed in longer..
I stayed upset all weekend just have yesterday work out a little bit like this: Teacher goes around, looks and peoples work and sees hers and says, "Your shots look great!"
And the girl said, "Yeah me and the other girl (Not me) came up with this idea"
I was so angry... That I cried in the car... Just to have her also say in class, "Yeah Callie just left us there"
I actually had to leave the room... I had to go to the bathroom and just ball my eyes out...

What I figured out is..
the teacher didn't say anything about the shots that they did themselves only the ones I helped with...
The girl who took credit was mad at me for leaving so she couldn't get anymore of my good ideas.. (I swear I'm not trying to sound cocky...)

Guys.. I'm still pretty upset about the whole thing but I know by now that if I were to say anything that it would be sour grapes....

The worst part is they WANT ME TO COME BACK THIS FRIDAY!
Idk what to say about that but what I do know is this.. I've learned that I shouldn't work with people I don't completely trust because 9/10 times they are going to do what that girl did to me...
Which is really sad for me because I just wanted people to accept me for me... and not just because they like my art...

I'm pretty down..

The Stained by EclipxPhotography

The Predator by EclipxPhotography  The Nymph by EclipxPhotography The Shameless by EclipxPhotography

The Traumatized by EclipxPhotography

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Sun Nov 1, 2015, 3:17 PM

Hey guys I promise I will make another My Weekly Fav's
But I got an awesome thing to tell you!
For a short period of time I have opened up a chatroom and
would love for you guys to join me there and ask whatever questions
you would like (Art Related)
But you guys better hurry I'll only do this like once every two weeks.
So join me!!…

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So.. Where Have You been?

Mon Oct 26, 2015, 7:23 PM

So I need to come clean...

Guys I'm sorry I haven't been posting alot recently...
I promise I'm not trying to sound like a whiny kid with woah is me thing.. But guys I've been going through a pretty dark depression for the last 2 weeks.

I've been going through being sick and being semi well..
And because of this I haven't seen many other people and because of that its made me just feel worse...
I don't really have "close" friends anymore just a bunch of people that I know..
So I started having the thoughts like, "Why hasn't anyone called me? or why haven't I gotten in messages of were I am..?" You start to kinda wonder if anyone would miss you at all...
When I came back on here all I could do was smile at all the sweet kind things you guys said to me... I just couldn't help but to feel a bit of a lift...

I'm slowly starting to pull out of it... its just been really stressful and hard... and lonely for the prior weeks..

So I think I may have said this before..

Some of you guys that have followed me from the beginning might already know what I'm about to say but for those that don't know I have a couple of disabilities that work on me mentally alot...
So I'll start with the two biggest ones:
I have a A.D.D. and above average hearing...
Those two coupled together is like the absolute worst..
Some of my issues that fall under ADD are:
1. Short attention span
2. Maturity is awkward... and not like average people.
3. It takes SOOO long to learn new concepts...
4. Struggles with reading comprehension.. and used to have writing issues.. (its taken twelve years of me teaching myself to write to make it happen.. UGGHHH!)
5. Crowds are nearly unbearable especially due to my above average hearing which is just... horrible...
6. I go through spouts of depression
So ehh...

I just want you all to know this isn't a call out for help, I'm not asking or wanting pity from any of you guys.. You all probably have plenty of problems of you have to deal with.. not to say you have problems.. ughh I think you know what I'm trying to say

So I just wanted to tell you all this so you knew where I had been and to know why it was taking sooo long to create pieces and post them or why I haven't been as diligent about responding to posts...

I'm sorry guys about the distance and the slow response time..
I'm gonna try to get better.. I promise..

The Predator by EclipxPhotography The Nymph by EclipxPhotography The Deprived by EclipxPhotography

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Weekly Fav 44

Fri Oct 9, 2015, 12:49 PM

Haha I know!!!

Okay so I know my last 2-3 journals have been thanking you guys
and I really hope it isn't coming off as bragging because
guys let me tell you it has just been absolutely magical
I just hit 1K followers like last week and we have already
had another 100 people follow me since then!
Its just to me such huge milestones for me have been hit and
I just can't thank you all enough..


My name is: Callie Lane
My age: (Go to my fb page to check that out)
I've done photography for how many years: 5 to 6 haha yeah I know I'm old
My hair really is naturally red.. and my eyes are really blue no contacts or hair dye
What kind of camera do you use: Pentax k5 (Hopefully I will upgrade in the next year)
Do you use a studio when you take pictures?: No. I use my room and its really like having a studio with a bed in it haha...
I'm a Christian and a pastors daughter, and I'm very happy about being a part of Gods plan
I'm a gamer who is obsessed with Assassins Creed, Pokemon, Fnaf, and any rpg romance/mystery/horror

Okay now questions about my art:
Okay so you all may DRAW IT if you ASK ME first.
If your plan is to sell it just know it will automatically be no.
And if you do draw it send me a link so I can check it out.
I would love to see your art.

I'm sorry if that seems harsh or cruel to anyone its just that
I work soo hard on these piece plus there Copyright so y'know.

So About That Spine...

Yeah so Its taken almost a month for it to heal
but it feels practically normal
although everyones telling me to not get too comfortable
with that because I could injure it again..
I Injured it at least 3 times.

druid by BirdSophieBlack

<da:thumb id="197347765"/> Witch by AgnieszkaOsipa Spider by LidiaVives

Soeps by Toeps
A blue dream captured by arefin03 Fading by JisuArt blind 3 by alice-strawn

.Multicolor. by Psychosomaticc

Tiny Bottled Dreams by UntamedUnwanted  Big Bang in watercolor by agnes-cecileGhouls 16 by IMustBeDead

PINK by beethy
80 by kosmodisk  Pink Noise by Kuvshinov-Ilya Merry Go Around V by Toeps
Into the Wild Red 1 by Michela-Riva
TheHandmaid'sTale.II. by Psychosomaticc .Circle Circus.II. by Psychosomaticc Succubus by ashuriiART

Make Up cover by ann-ko

Aurora Dawn | Wanderlust by DarkStarPhotoUK Witches by BirdSophieBlack Close by Hart-Worx

All the little lights by Isagrafie  Per Aspera Ad Astra by RaphaelleM

Diana by Norrington1
Anna by emptyredhead *** by Tarasov beauty by Alyona Gorbunova by ann-ko

*** by KatyTwist
marshmallow by Mirlenges Iti by DavidBenoliel EAT ME by DavidBenoliel

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Weekly Fav 43

Sat Sep 26, 2015, 6:30 PM


This week has been a whirlwind!
Okay so this is how it started...

I'll Start with the bad so it will get better:
1) I hurt my back and didn't realize I had hurt it till today..
2) I was embarrassed in class
3) I got in a disagreement with a close person to me
4) I've had horrid separation anxiety bc my boyfriend schedule has become radically busy...
5) I spiraled into a really bad depression bc of not being able to go far due to the back injury...

And now for the good:
1) So it started out with my boyfriend making up for really upsetting me by buying me a sweet card, teddy bear, and spending time with me for the rest of the night playing video games... =)
2) My 3 SOFT BOXES CAME IN THE MAIL!! It was a birthday gift and was the best...
3) I got featured in a magazine and if you curious of which photos here you go!
The Deprived by EclipxPhotography Cold Spirited by EclipxPhotography The Nymph by EclipxPhotography The Loner by EclipxPhotography The Pressure by EclipxPhotography
4) I got my FOURTH Daily deviantion!
The Mother Fox by EclipxPhotography
5) I got a 95 on my first port. in my Studio lighting class

Its just been super busy... And I'm exhausted...
I'm sitting here with a heating pad on my back...
So yeah

Thank you!!

I know in my last Journal that I said the thing about 40,000
I'm just floored that its only been 10 days and 42,000 now..
And I 900 watchers now...
I'm just so grateful....
my gosh I just man you guys are amazing..
And thank you to DistortedSmile
for the DD

And thank you guys again..!

Now for the real artist!
Winter Princess by Pewdie
Ruby Red by xKimJoanne about love and cockroaches by deer-o AWAKENING (RISVEGLIO) by ericadalmaso dream of Death. by cristina-otero Paper Dress by Donna-Lynn

Top of the world by Obsessed-by
In the forest... by blumilein Attitude by HatedxLove  Big Bang!! by nimitnigam Nati by EmilySoto Kelley67 by sarahlouisejohnson

little princess by Freyja90
Fairly dreams by hellwoman Iva by Skvits Witch by AnitaAnti  When Leaves have Fallen by NickChao London Workshop by EmilySoto

Remolino by JaimeIbarra
.:: Arwin ::. by Whimsical-Dreams Gold by bwaworga The lady and the owl by Fellow-World Greenhouse Effect by Dapicture Untitled by o-Opium

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Weekly Fav 42

Wed Sep 16, 2015, 1:24 PM


Oh my gosh guys... I can't believe I have hit that many page views..
I'm so floored and grateful... I just don't know what to say..
I'm not trying to sound like a drama queen..
But to know that my art or even my page has that many people that have passed it is awesome..
To be honest I always feel like I'm not as talented as most of you all are out there and it just means.. so much to me...
and I only have a few more till 800 followers...
This is just the biggest shock...
I feel like crying I'm so happy..
And not because having more numbers makes be better or that having more pageviews makes me superior
But it makes me feel like I'm succeeding in some way as a artist..
There are so many days I get up and I ask myself..
"Why do I try.. this is no good.."
And when I get up here and see all these beautiful picture from you guys I'm like, "There is no way... my stuff is better or even close to being that good.."
And then I go to my notifications and I see all of you guy's sweet, kind, thoughtful, constructive, helpful, uplifting comments and all I can think is "I'm so fortunate to have so many people who believe in me and think I'm worth it which means I can't give up and I must keep going to get better and stronger"
Its Especially been difficult sense My uncle Larry passed about 5 months ago and its really been hard on me to get motivated and you guys just keep on with me to get me to keep making these awesome pieces of art..
So from the bottom of my heart
Thank you so much..
I can never repay such kindness from any of you
And I just am at a loss for words truly...
Just thank you so much for being awesome...
Burning words by EclipxPhotography


I'm soo happy to tell you I finally turned in my first portfolio!
I learned how to achieve FLAT LIGHT!
That is a thing I have been trying to achieve for the longest time and I couldn't be happier...
The Favorite by EclipxPhotography
Only thing I'm truly nervous about is how the Critic that is happening I believe today and I just am so nervous I feel sick haha...
I hope I do well and that this all ends up as a positive experience...
I struggle alot when I get criticized.. I don't ever claim to be prefect. I just think it comes from having a really bad disability in school were I was constantly made fun of and bullied...
So I take Criticism as a attack..
I need to stop that..
Most people are just trying to help...

Snakeskin - Stone Cold Hands by FlexDreams

<da:thumb id="546799812"/> <da:thumb id="554428935"/> <da:thumb id="527072365"/> Megan by inspired-impressions

Lonely Wilderness by RaphaelleM

Mature Content

Evgeniya by art0fCK
_Tove II. by josefinejonssonphoto
mint by vampire-zombie 0019 by TanjaMoss

A morning reverie by SandyManase

<da:thumb id="547181823"/> The Dollhouse by bwaworga Pure Narcotic by absentii Treasured Memories by aoao2

innamoramento by karen-abramyan

Walk with me by xOronar Red sunrise by blooding
 dari by MartaSyrko Untitled by aleksandra88

Rose by fae-photography

D e t a i l by Retaediamrem Pod jaworem by absentii
3/52 by baravavrova eyes never lie. by natualia

Start of the season. by ellylucas

Cinderella by jbfort Yvaine's dreams by Salvarion
Promises by ObscureLilium Angel's Song by neon-lilith

Winter Symphony by AnitaAnti

Air dancers by arefin03 Amy by aufzehengehen
Savior by IMustBeDead Souvenir by TonyLeBastard

waiting for the stars by pholwises

vat backstage by ezorenier Fallen angel IV by silverwolfieofficial
muse by ezorenier Little Bit of Sunrise by incolor16

And of course some of my favorite
The Pressure by EclipxPhotography The Nymph by EclipxPhotography The Favorite by EclipxPhotography The Prism Tears by EclipxPhotography The Mother Fox by EclipxPhotography
The Haunted by EclipxPhotography The Deprived by EclipxPhotography
The Facade by EclipxPhotography


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Weekly Fav 41

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2015, 8:53 AM

Link1 l Link 2 l Link 3 l Link 4 l Link 5


So I am officially in the class I wanted to be in all along since I stared my college career which was Studio lighting!
I actually have a different teacher this time which is odd for me because this teacher is nice but he's not really artsy at all...
He very science-geekish... and he's interesting but not unusual from other teachers... He's like a maven
Ughh... I know science is important but its like I'm a visual person so when he talks its like a bunch of words with no meaning...
I realize how terrible that may sound but its true..

The Facade by EclipxPhotography

What happening!?

Welp I can say I walked about 8 hours yesterday going all over creation it felt like... And I saw My new favorite movie which is called, "The man from uncle" IT WAS THE BEST!
And it was the second time I watched it and I loved it just as much as the first... Maybe inspiration for a series of 2016 maybe?? Hmm... Could be..
I didn't get home last night til like 1 in the morning.. and I left the house yesterday at about 1 in the afternoon.. 12 HOURS...

So this feature....

I found this artist that I felt hadn't had a enough exposure for the talent this person has...

Afraid of the dark which surrounds her by drizzledust

Sunset in Paris by drizzledust

Fire was in her hair II by drizzledust
Corridor by drizzledust

Lost in thoughts by drizzledust

Forest creature III by drizzledust

Please check this artist out She's so awesome =)

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Weekly Fav 40

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 7, 2015, 12:13 PM

Link1 l Link 2 l Link 3 l Link 4 l Link 5

Hey Strangers!!!

I apologize for my "Weekly Favs" being so far and between...
I promise it hasn't been forgotten I just had a lot going on..
I've missed you guys so much though!

So I noticed...

I wanted to thank you all for SO MANY LIKES on
"The Loner"
The Loner by EclipxPhotography
For one I just wanna say that though it might seem crazy that it means that much more that you guys like my face a lot... I mean that's a huge compliment and confidence booster to any girl really especially when I take photos of all these beautiful people...
Thank you is all I can say..

So I'm kinda excited..

So I'm now going to start saving up for a new camera a more powerful one...
I feel I have grown out of this camera and man I can't wait for the next level..
I don't know if it will be a pentax..
But it will be either a pentax or a canon..
I love me some canon!
I have so much work that's coming in that I might by the end of this month slow down on uploads...
But it won't mean I'll stop trying to get as many more works that I feel is worthy to show you all up here as possible...

Topic Changer HAHA!

I just realized that in 10 days I'll be having my birthday.. I can't believe a whole year has pasted since I told you all that I would be attending college..
That's crazy isn't it!
I feel like I have changed so much in my art that its like day and night when I look at my stuff from a year ago to now..
Mourning April by EclipxPhotography The Nymph by EclipxPhotography

The one to the left was before and the one to the right is now!
And most of it is because of how I control the light rather than just step out into the sunlight and say "hey I'm in the mood to take a shot!"
idk maybe I'm the only who notices the progress but I think its amazing.

Top questions of the week:

Who is your inspiration to do these pieces?
My inspiration is
1. Sollenafotografie
2. Laura--makabresku
3. SnezhanaMorozova
4. AnitaAnti
5. Avine
6. ImustBeDead (I love his stuff...)
7. Cristina Otero (I always call her "the face painter chick")

And I have people tell me alot that
"Your stuff looks like Senju HiMe's work"
well just to go ahead and give you guys the
answer to that I know its not a question but.. its something said enough to be one..
She is a inspiration.. I love her stuff.. I think she is very talented
and one day I hope to be the artist that she as became.
Love you Cristina =)

And lastly
Guys... almost every picture besides:
Guardian of the Flames by EclipxPhotography

with a read head in it is me lol I'm a natural born
Strawberry blonde with blue eyes and white skin...
So yeah lol

Now what everyone as been waiting for:

Retro Nazu Girl 0 by evthan

Night bird by MichaelMagin

Spider by LidiaVives

Princess by wlop

Fatale Attraction IV by eonelPhotography

Through the Deep, Dark Wood by LichtReize

Roses n thorns by AnitaAnti

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Weekly Fav 39

Journal Entry: Thu May 21, 2015, 5:49 AM
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Wow'ie wow!

I can not believe we are one away from being 40!!
Yeah Lots of journals and lots of chances for you guys exposure!
Need to figure that theme out for the next journal so it can be "Punchie"

The Water Works... -sigh-

Well since his death its been weird...
I go to my grandma's house to visit and it just seems
like he's been away on a trip and that he'll be back soon...
So for a specific update on my emotional status I would say...
I wave between being normal and being a reck but the more
days that pass the more the sadness starts to fade..
So I go back in forth right now which is healthy because I still laugh and have fun.
But wow... I can honestly say this has been one of my more trying experiences...
And I want to thank you all for all the nice kind things that were said to me and all the nice messages.
Even if I didn't necessarily respond know that I read them and they fill me with great joy.

New Experiences.. =)

After a while of regulating or at least trying to regulate
my life I found myself slumping in more of a depression....
So my boyfriend had this brilliant idea of introducing me to my
first convention "Comicon 2015" and man was it a blast! I'll post some photo's of it on my page.
But yeah it was a load of fun and I got to meet alot of
new people that were just as hipped as I was about my passion!
Actually I had one of my dreams come true by meeting Ezio Aldetori De frizia (sp)

Side note I actually hurt my back about a half of a week ago... and I'm hurting..


So This Weeks Weekly fav's!

Margot by acidlullaby Forever yours, Freckles by agnes-cecile
Ariel found Headphones by sakimichan ImagineFX Cover Issue 114 by Charlie-Bowater

Black Goldfish by Selenada
Brave by Westling Brigand empress 2 by Yayashin
- WIP Detail Preview - by Anathematixs
Tree Light by sakimichan obstinate impasse by agnes-cecile
wild. by sakimichan
Amber by dark-spider
girl by sharandula
Companion by AlectorFencer Pirate Girl III by FranciscoETCHART
Endless kiss by oione
leave with me by latyll
Bad Mood by MonAshk

Little mermaid fearie by sakimichan
Impossible LOV3 ver.3 by MarcBrunet

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Texture by Princess-of-Shadows
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It finally happened.

Journal Entry: Sat May 2, 2015, 6:28 AM
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This is how it worked

My uncle had Schizophrenia, Parkinson's and he was mentally retarded.
He died Tuesday morning (I'm getting teary just talking about it) in a very gentle way..
I mean best way he could've went I suppose..
He was on oxygen and his breathing was slowing and was becoming difficult to do so..
When he did breathe his whole body had to move...
My mom and Grandma sat in his room all night talking about all the good times that he had.
My mom says as the night went on she could see his skin changing to a greyish color..
He slipped into a coma for about couple days...
Before he had only 3 Popsicle's and he had dropped down to..
(Now I'm really starting to get worked up)
He dropped down to 75 pounds...

I... I couldn't get the confidence to talk to him or even see him for the last month in a half...
And I had felt really guilty about it...
But yesterday we did the "Viewing" of his body.
And you guys have to understand I... I hadn't seen him since he was at least over a 120 pounds..
So when I went to see him..
He didn't even look like my uncle anymore..
And what was worse is he looked like he could come to life at any moment in some senses...
And when I went over there for the first time I.. I stood there in complete shock.
I could feel my face go paler.
I was shaking like a leaf.
My eyes got wide and my mouth hung open...
And I just stood there for like five minutes trying to comprehend how this
man laying in the casket was the man I used to watch tv with...

After I had walked away and got my barrings I went back over
and told him what I had wanted to say before he died.
I'd rather not talk about what I said because that's between me and
him but what I will say is I felt a little better after saying what I wanted to say.

We are going to the funeral today and my dad will be leading the service because he's a pastor.

And now I am going through grief but I know that I can say I went up to him and talked to him.
He's in a better place, healed and happy.

In His Memory:
Desperation by EclipxPhotography Graceful Pain by EclipxPhotography G o l d e n  Y e a r s by EclipxPhotography Bounded by EclipxPhotography

Mourning April by EclipxPhotography Mourning April by EclipxPhotography Mourning April by EclipxPhotography

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Q and A

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 15, 2015, 11:14 AM
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Aye guys

Question time!

What kind of camera do you use?
Pentax K5

What Len's do you use?
Well I have the Standard Lens: 25-55
And My favorite: 100mm Lens

How old are you?
I'm currently 22

Is your hair truly red?
Yes I'm natural red head through and through

Can I draw your photograph?
Yes, only if I get a credited link back, and a copy of the picture.

What is your favorite kind of photography?
Well that's a very hard question because I like many
different kinds of photography but if I were to pick one it would be expressive portraits.

What is the editing software you use?
I use Photoshop CS6.

How do you start a series?
Ha, I start by looking through all the people I watch and
decide by that point what I want to do:
Sisterhood Of Seasons
Queens Of Symbolism
Visions Of Conceptualism

Have you ever had a publication?
Yes I've been in magazines before:
1. Untold Magazine (issue 2)
2. Damaged (Issue 1)
3. Dark Beauty Magazine (Facebook page)

Do you have training in photography or photoshop?
I didn't up to the end of last year with photoshop.
Most everything you see on my photoshop
skills are self taught as well as my photography.
Last semester I was taught the mechanics of my camera.

Do you listen to anything while editing?
LOL! Yes but you'll laugh..
I listen to Markiplier on youtube go
crazy on his horror games!
Markiplier by Laffeetaffee

That's all the questions I could remember that
I have been asked several times so here you go guys!
Graceful Pain by EclipxPhotography I Remember by EclipxPhotography Bounded by EclipxPhotography

Also some pieces I found pretty:

drowning II by sollenafotografie Ranger by gutyerrez Inner cracks by Julie-de-Waroquier

Follow me:





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Daily Deviation AGAIN! =)

Tue Mar 3, 2015, 7:17 AM

Thanks to DistortedSmile
For giving my art another chance to be a Daily Deviation.
I'm so grateful for it so thank you so much!

Mediterranean Princess by EclipxPhotography

Guys I'm sorry I haven't keeping up with the "Weekly Fav's" Lately and I will get right back to it so...

I have another project opening up next week with over-layed silhouettes!
Really rather excited about it, its like another extension of my Conceptual series!
Check out my


Visions Of Conceptualism

If any is interested in using some of my raw photo's to create there own piece of art please click here


So I wanted to tell you guys !

Mon Feb 23, 2015, 1:00 PM

If any is interested in using some of my raw photo's to create there own piece of art please click here


Thank you

Sat Feb 7, 2015, 5:39 AM

I just wanted to thank everyone for there kind messages and sweet comments they wrote to me!
Thank you truly! It met so much to me that all of you took your time to write to me asking me how I was doing or what kind of things would cheer me up!
Thank you so much.
When I saw how many people appeared concerned for me I nearly cried from shock of how many of you actually read what I say.
I truly don't deserve what you guys do and give to me...

I wouldn't be half the artist I am if it weren't for you all..
As I'm writing this I'm becoming misty eyed..
So I love you guys and please feel free to keep messaging
If you want to draw my photography you may just send me a message about wanted to do so before starting.
You guys are the best like I said.
Thank you for everything.